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You have a B2B Solution and a great team. we have the money and network to scale it.


Early-stage companies face many unique challenges. Each decision is crucial and may have a butterfly effect on the company to be the next great unicorn. The issues are complex and determining the optimal strategy is imperative.  Peacock Ventures works hand-in-hand with startup teams to address their capital and marketing needs. We carefully pick and work with outstanding leaders through coaching while deploying capital optimally to realize their true vision.


Short ROI

Our gradual secondary approach enables relatively quick returns


Lower Risk

Our active involvement with the companies reduces the risk


Hands-on approach

Gives us impact and control of the business.


Unique deal flow

Exposure to a novel, unique deal flow and differentiated opportunities.


Internal Due Diligence

Working closely with the company allows us to see a  clear picture of the business.


We believe the next era of products and services will come from seemingly unexpected places—and that tech companies will become the entry point in all industries through new and innovative ways.

Enterprise Technologies

Enterprise technologies are a continuous force for evolution that will help organization operate better and faster. Investment into startups that mold the future of organizations is almost essential. We want to invest in technologies that help organization evolve, protect, automate and transform the way world does business


We believe the impact of Crypto is just in the beginning stages. Fundamentally, there are several factors that show that we are on the cusp of a generational change in how we interact or transact. We are deep believers of Crypto and invest in all areas including DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, social tokens, decentralized networks and applications which are developed on top of web 3.0.


Neo startups are innovating across broad financial categories — in banking, lending, insurance, real estate, and investing — both on the customer facing side and in core infrastructure. We believe the combination of mobile, digital money, machine learning, and new data sources offers startups a unique opportunity to leapfrog outdated infrastructure and compete with large financial institutions to reimagine financing, money management, hedging and insurance.

We help you lay the foundations of a defensible, category-defining company. What are you now?

Building a category-defining company is daunting. We know how to get through the “0 to 1” journey. We also provide support for Series A+ funding

Ideation Or MVP


Growth Stage



We primarily act as lead or co-lead investor, setting the terms, joining the board of directors, and working hard on behalf of the management team and shareholders.


Rohit Masthipur


Raghuveera Chalasani

diane brusin

Diane Brusin

Lokesh Gyanwali

Lokesh Gyanwali

John Sutton

John Sutton

Jospeh Solari

Joseph G. Solari III

Donna Clarke

Donna Clarke

Zerrin Aktuna

Zerrin Aktuna


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